Website Design

A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  More and more people search for products and services online.  Websites allow potential customers to either find your business through a Google search or learn more about you or your business from your marketing materials.

They provide information about your background, experience, credentials and give potential customers confidence when deciding whether or not they want to use the services and/or products you provide.

Why have a website?

  1. Saves you time.  Having a website provides clients with access to answers regarding frequent questions like hours of operation and products/services available.
  2. Cheaper more effective advertising.  A website is 24 hour full color advertising and encourages people to go to you for the information they require.
  3. Attract potential clients.  Imagine a client searching online for a product.  They are looking outside of their geographic region because they don’t know that there is a local supplier for the product.  They search online and find YOUR website.
  4. Referrals.  An individual searching online comes across your website.  You don’t have the product that they need BUT in a conversation with a friend they recall that you have the product or service that their friend requires and refers them to your site.
  5. Reaching a different client base.  People search for information through different media – newspapers, radio advertisements, website searches…
  6. Provide clients with a way to get a hold of you that suits their needs.  Email.  Phone. Facebook.  Twitter.  A Visit.
  7. Establish a relationship.  Gives the client a chance to get to know you through the website.  Your background, products and/or services.

In today’s information technology age, a small business website is essential for success.  Contact us to find a solution that will give you a web presence at a price that fits within your budget.  We can assist with domain name registrations, email setup, contact forms and much more!